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How to Fix Outlook Search Problem in Outlook 2016, 2013

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  1. Is Microsoft Outlook 2016 or 2013 search not working for you? Does it just come up with the message We couldn't find what you were looking for. even though you know you have messages that meet your search criteria? Give these steps a try. Fix 1 - Hide Messages Setting. This tip seems to commonly help people
  2. Is the Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, or 2013 search not working for you? Does it just come up with the message Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed., Search performance will be impacted because Outlook is not configured to be indexed by the Windows Search service. or We couldn't find what you were looking for. even though you know you have messages.
  3. I have a similar problem with search returning 'We couldn't find what you were looking for. I have repaired the inbox and repaired Office 365 to no effect. Other searches in other apps work fine. I am running Windows 10 and Outlook 16. This is very annoying
  4. Outlook is Unable to Seach OST Files (We couldn't find what you were looking for) Issue: When Outlook is in cached exchange mode, the search feature does not return any results and displays the erro

If you aren't typing a mention, keep typing and the autocomplete list will disappear once you run out of matches and enter a space. If the dialog won't go away after displaying the message We couldn't find the person you were looking for., press ESC to dismiss it. When the message is sent, the @mentions are in the message body Outlook 2016 - We didn't find anything to show here FIX. Nov 24, 2016 | Articles | 3 comments. This problem was annoying me for a while. I finally fixed it. Go to your inbox, then on the top menu bar, click Folders, then click IMAP folders. What were they thinking.

It also describes workarounds on 'how to fix Outlook problems'. These workarounds apply to Microsoft Office 365, Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013. Microsoft Outlook features a search option that helps you find email items based on keywords We have setup an auto discover on their doman and their DNS (CNAME) pointing to our server but whenever we try setup the account it points to server.domain.co.uk (domain being their domain) and we are unable to change it. Usually we can add them through http/RPC but I can do it in this case with outlook 2016. Am I missing something here I upgraded to Office 365 Home Premium. If I search for a Contact in Outlook, using the search box at the top of my Contacts list, all I receive is the message: We couldn't find what you were looking for. If I search using the Search People box on the top left of the Home page, the search finds the contact. I repaired Office to no avail Are you on Outlook 2013 and all of a sudden your search stopped displaying the results and showed the message as shown below? Try the following steps: Go to the root of the computer and search for the file - mapiph.dll If you couldn't find the file then repair the MS Office 2013 installation. After the repair We spent 2 days with Microsoft for this simple fix. Share it to you

I recently added an Exchange email account and since then all appears to be working fine except the Outlook SEARCH function always results in We couldn't find what you were looking for & the Indexing Status Always says Loading. I've tried rebuilding the index multiple times (~69,500 items) and performed both Quick & Online Repairing of Office Last Resort: Rebuild the Index in Outlook 2013. If you still can't find the email you're looking for, there may be a problem with your index. Rebuilding the index in Outlook 2013 isn't too difficult, only time consuming. Here's how to rebuild If you're getting the irritating We couldn't find what you're looking for error, it can be frustrating to fix. Ultimately I had to fix the problem from outside of Outlook. I went to my Change how Windows Searches option dialog and rebuilt the index. I tried the exact same thing from inside Outlook but nothing ever happened

Open Outlook 2016 and click File in the top left corner. Step 2 - Click Account Settings > Server Settings Select the email you want to check the settings for in the drop-down bar at the top of the screen Office Online rendering and editing won't work on SharePoint Server 2016 web applications that use classic mode authentication. If you log on to SharePoint Server 2016 by using the System Account, you won't be able to test the connection between SharePoint Server 2016 and Office Online Server Does it just come up with the message Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed. or We couldn't find what you were looking for. even though you know you have messages that meet your search criteria ; Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed I am using Outlook 2016 on Office 365 In this video I will show you how I fixed the Something went wrong and Outlook couldn't save your account settings Shop for Outlook 2016 at the Microsoft Store India. Get Outlook 2016 and more with Office 36

Outlook/Exchange 2016 Search: Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed. Since upgrading to Exchange 2016 we're seeing this a lot. It is intermittent, meaning occasionally the search will go through. I've tried rebuilding the index in Outlook but it has not helped, and I'm dealing with some frustrated users We feel that we could fix this problem by taking the junction points out but at this point that is not really an option. I am hoping that someone here might have a fix for this because it will save a lot of down time and headaches

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A Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. She also created video training CDs and online training classes for Microsoft Outlook. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums I've using a copy of outlook 2013 that displays Sorry we couldn't find what you were looking for if i try to run any type of search, i can get it to function if i've disabled the Windows Search. Does it just come up with the message Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed. or We couldn't find what you were looking for. even though you know you have messages that meet your search criteria Fix: Outlook for Mac's Search Not Working If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and. Skip to main content. Microsoft. Microsoft 365; Office; Windows; Surface; Xbox; Deals; Suppor We couldn't reach this printer,make sure the printer is on and you are connected to the printer's ne ‎04-28-2016 08:45 AM - edited ‎04-28-2016 08:46 AM Hi @tommie405

Outlook 2016 not returning search result

A short time ago, we noticed that we were unable to get Skype for Business to work outside our O365 tenant. I found that it was due to the domain, since it does not have a public DNS entry. I updated my UPN to our email domain, which has the correct DNS entries Unable to Open the File We couldn't find the file you wanted. It's possible the file was renamed, moved or deleted. inspected using Dev Tools: we had Nov 2016 install of OOS 2. it was set to internal-http: 3. everything was working fine. office365 office-js sharepoint-2016 In this tutorial we'll show you how to find and recover forgotten email account passwords saved in Outlook 2016. How to Find and Recover Outlook 2016 Saved Password? Download the Outlook Password Recovery program and save it on your computer In previous versions of Outlook, you could specify which mailbox or .pst/.ost files within Outlook to index, but in Outlook 2016 you either index Outlook completely or you do not index it at all. When you check if it is marked for indexing, you should also try disabling and then re-enabling Outlook If you're having trouble with Outlook 2016, specifically a mailbox not loading or search not working, an easy fix is to rebuild the Outlook Search Index

There are numbers of reasons responsible for search problem in Outlook 2016. Outlook Marked for Indexed OST/PST File Corruption Rebuilding Outlook Index To fix this issue you need to rebuild Outlook index or repair your Outlook data file if there is corruption in it If you can't find what you were looking for in the Recent Items list, we make it easy to navigate to your OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint locations by selecting Browse Web Locations. To find other files saved on your PC, choose the Browse this PC option to open File Explorer Outlook doesn't have anything built in, search folders are per-message store only, and won't work for multiple email accounts. Instant search will search multiple data files, but you need to create the instant search each time you want to use it. Vote for a Unified Inbox feature in Outlook 2016: Unified Inbox for Outlook 2016 We have an AD Domain but use Office 365 Education for email etc. Its nice to use Outlook for offline work but this is so frustrating. None of the Office 2016 setups want to connect to their Office 365 email. Keeps saying an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available. I've spent hours looking for a solution. Come on MS this.

Here's how Outlook 2016 looks on Windows 10. By Jamie Hinks 23 April 2015. No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission You should be able to use the Mail control panel tool to set this up as we have always done. I find that this is definitely a bug in Outlook 2016. I hope this helps others that were just a frustrated as me There are situations when you use the instant search feature in Outlook 2013. Outlook 2010 and in Outlook 2007 and you encounter following messages: No Results We couldn't find what you were looking for. Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed You can restart the computer if it does not work immediately. Method 4: Turn Off Antivirus and Firewall Turn off your antivirus and firewall by right clicking it's icon from the system tray and setting it to disabled or de-activated and try again Scroll until you have found the most recent entry or entries which were written during your last Outlook session. If you are having issues finding the correct event entry (for instance when you want to see if the same happened a few days ago), then you can also apply a filter to the log to only show the entries with the Event Level Error and Event Source being Outlook

Outlook is Unable to Seach OST Files (We couldn't find

  1. Expand your Outlook. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage
  2. We're focusing this guide on Windows 10 users, but if you're using an older version of Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007), it's still possible to use these instructions on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
  3. We are two buildings each with multiple floors and I support around 200 people locally and another 100 remotely. Anyway, I got fired today. Fortunately, according to most of you. If you like to know the details, continue reading, if you are busy or bored, just thank you for your advice and I am looking for a new job already

TL:DR - Outlook 2016 autodiscover to O365 broken, download KB 3073666 as workaround. If you try to deploy Office 2016 (specifically Outlook 2016) and connect it to an existing Office 365 account for email, autodiscover will probably give you fits. It just does not work reliably, and in many cases will not work at all Prior to this (both before the OS reload and after), Outlook would search up to a particular date and then no further. After rebuilding the search index, Outlook always displays the We couldn't find what you were looking for message almost immediately after searching. Method 5: The Include results only from: is set to Current folder

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@JohnKingcannonI had the same issue today where I tried to open an Excel file and received the following message:..sorry we couldn't find... Is it possible it was moved, renamed, or deleted. It turns out the folder name was extremely long where I had the excel file in Outlook 2016: Exclude the root domain from Autodiscover lookup in Outlook Important Follow the steps in this section carefully. Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur A recent upgrade to Windows 8.1 Preview killed my Outlook 2013 search. Typing anything in the Quick Search box returned the dreaded We couldn't find what you were looking for U2 message When you accidentally delete an item from your Outlook mailbox, you can often recover it. The first place to look is the Deleted Items or Trash folder. Search for the item you want, right-click it, and then select Move > Other Folder.If you can't find the item there, the next steps depend on which type of email account you have in Outlook No, Outlook doesn't have an option like that, but there are other ways to locate your folder again as well. Which method works best for you depends a bit on how long ago you might have moved it and whether or not you can remember (part of) the folder name or what should be in that folder

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  1. Search Outlook.com for emails in your Outlook Mail on the Web account in a fast and simple manner or thoroughly and with a bit of structure. Use the simple search field to find phrases, subjects, senders, and dates. Then, use filters to narrow your results
  2. I'd moved documents etc into D drive on new pc + Windows 10, and Office 2016 includes Outlook file within the document folder so moved it too. I could see the emails, just couldn't send/receive aagh Thank you so much for such a quick and simple solutio
  3. Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook for Office 365; In this article. Original KB number: 4025591. Symptoms. You try to add an Internet calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, or Outlook for Office 365 by following these steps: Switch to the calendar module. In the Manage Calendars group on the toolbar, select Open Calendar
  4. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share

Fix: We Couldn't Create The Outlook Data File If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook for Mac for Office 365, Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Edition, Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise, Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise; In this article. Original KB number: 3146087. Symptoms. You use Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac or Outlook for Mac 2011 to connect to a mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server

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  1. We receive a lot of questions asking how to search for folders or get folder paths in Outlook. Unfortunately, it's not possible to search for folders and when you search for contents of a folder, Outlook doesn't show the folder path in the search dialog, only the name of the folder the item is in
  2. Ran into a problem today adding an Exchange account to an Outlook 2016 installation It seems Microsoft has removed most of the advanced settings as a result of the removal of MAPI support from Outlook, but what it means is that your Autodiscover - MUST work. For lab environments, we don't always setup Autodiscover, we
  3. If you don't receive these results, the TXT record or MX record isn't entered correctly. Note If any changes occur to any DNS record, wait up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate before you try to verify the domain again. Example The following example shows the commands and the data that are returned at a command prompt when you run Nslookup
  4. I have problem installing Windows Server 2016 on R710 - I have 16% complete window status during install. I run the Dell EMS update SUU-WIN32_17.07.200.173 but no additional install drivers was required
  5. New in Outlook 2016. Even though Outlook 2016 looks very much like Outlook 2013, is does include quite a few improvements. However, not all of them are visible changes but mainly technical (like performance improvements and the reduction of using foreground threads to perform certain operations) or are not visible to everyone as they require you to use an Exchange or Office 365 account

Outlook 2016, which only can be configured when there is an existing autodiscover record for your domain, may take too long to connect to the mailbox, to resolve this refer to the known issue #2 in the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Configure Outlook 2016/2019 To Connect To Exchange Outlook is the errant child of the Office set--and all that power can often yield a mess. We want to love Outlook; the potential is fabulous. But in practice, we often find Outlook difficult to.

Outlook 2013 search returns 'We couldn't find what you

If you were using Outlook Business Contact Manager (BCM) with Outlook, then you'll no longer be able to use it with Office 2016. BCM will not be updated for Office 2016 compatibility. If you are currently relying of BCM, you can uninstall Office 2016 and reinstall your previous version of Office and it will continue to work again By Bill Dyszel . Part of Outlook 2016 For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Outlook 2016's Contacts is more than just a list of names and email addresses. You can take advantage of the Contacts Home tab on the Outlook 2016 Ribbon to create new contacts, to arrange the way you view the contacts you have, or to create email messages or mail merge documents Tip! To do this, you can also use the download from Step 2. It contains an autodiscover.reg file that you can open in Notepad so that you can edit the Value Name and the Value.. Note that in the reg-file the backslashes ( \) in the file-path are doubled but will show up as single backslashes within the Registry Editor. The reg-file assumes that you are using Outlook 2016 Open Outlook and search for the message using the quick search box located toward the upper-right portion of the window. When searching, be sure that All Outlook Items is selected in the drop-down box. Once you press Enter to submit your search, there should be an In Folder field that will tell you which folder the email is located in Microsoft Outlook stores your email messages, contacts, calendars, and other data as .pst or .ost files in folders that can be difficult to find. Here's how and where to look. Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365

According to NACE's Job Outlook 2016 survey, they are looking for leaders who can work as part of a team. More than 80 percent of responding employers said they look for evidence of leadership skills on the candidate's resume, and nearly as many seek out indications that the candidate is able to work in a team. (See Figure 1. Top reasons why college grads can't find jobs despite a good market for hiring, says Robert J. LaBombard You don't have to rely on your memory about something someone told you in an email a few days or weeks ago. Outlook makes it easy to find all mail from a certain sender quickly. Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365 If you are not able to connect Outlook 2016/2019 to Exchange using the Autodiscover feature refer to the Knowledge Base article on Why I Cannot Connect My Outlook 2016/2019 To Exchange; To set up Outlook 2016/2019: Navigate to Windows Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles > Add. Specify your Profile Name and click OK

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A recent upgrade to Windows 8.1 Preview killed my Outlook 2013 search. Typing anything in the Quick Search box returned the dreaded We couldn't find what you were looking for U2 message: Searching on the server or doing an Advanced Search did continue to function, but these options are slow and don't use the pre-buil Outlook uses autoresolve - if the name is unique, outlook will find the match. If not, it will underline the name and a right click will list all for you (the client) to select from. The next time you type it, outlook will use that entry, so for example, if you have 6 Ron's or Ronald's you'll want to type enough of the name to be unique, not just Ron, or it will default to the first Ron you. Classic Menu makes it possible for you to work in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 as they ware Outlook 2003. Method 2: Find out Message Options in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 Ribbon. If you do not have Classic Menu for Office, this method will guide you to find out the Message Options command in Outlook 2007/2010/2013's Ribbon Whether you are a filer (you keep messages carefully organized in folders) or a piler (you keep all of your messages in your Inbox), these three tips can help you find that elusive message. Personally, I am more of a piler — I have created folders and use Outlook rules to direct some messages automatically to those folders Unfortunately, I couldn't find an answer to my question in your tip. but I'm now getting the We can't find what you're looking for message. I'm looking for some help on the 'Find and Replace' function in Excel 2016

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I looked quite hard for them, as I am sure you did, and I cannot find them. I have no idea where the stock office templates are stored on a Mac. I found the name of one and was not able to find it via browsing or Spotlight. So very confusing. I will remember this and hope to find someone that can help The behavior is that because I'm using the same email, Outlook now assumes it's an MSA account and refuses to use the domain with the autodiscovery DNS entry for my domain to resolve to O365 Exchange servers to lookup the account. The result: I can't use Outlook 2016 for my Office 365 email. This was not the case in the past We've added some 2016 servers to our environment, and we're now running in full coexistence. The checks on 2010 come back ok, but on the 2016 servers, everything shows as well PASS except for the mailflow check on our first 2016 server, which comes back with

Fixing the We couldn't find what you're looking for

Outlook for Office 365, Exchange Online; In this article Symptoms. Consider the following scenario: You are granted Full Access permissions to a secondary mailbox. You add the mailbox as an additional Exchange account to your Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 profile. You run a search from that mailbox You can set up your email account in a client on your computer or a mobile device. Examples of clients are Outlook or Mac Mail. Before you can set it up, you first need to create an email account in the control panel Sorry, we couldn't open http://sharepoint/sites/documents/report.xlsx' file excel error in SharePoint can be caused by corrupted Office cache If you are looking for a way to just backup your Outlook data, please take a look at Backup and Restore all Outlook data instead. If you are looking for a way to conveniently backup your Outlook data and settings or want to move your Outlook data and settings to another computer, the blog post Backup Outlook settings is recommended instead If you've previously configured Outlook 2016, click the File tab at the top of the window and in the Info category, click the Add Account button. In the Add an Email Account wizard displayed, you'll be asked Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account? Ensure the radio button next to Yes is selected, then click Next

If this is what's causing the Something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed error, you will be able to resolve the issue by going to Indexing Options and enabling Search Indexing for Microsoft Outlook Deploy Office 2016 using Click to Run deployment tool. Let's start by downloading the office 2016 deployment tool. Click here to download the tool. If you are looking to create configuration file for deploying office 2016 then Office Click-To-Run Configuration XML Editor will help you. This is a very nice tool

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I had this happen just yesterday. I have four different google email accounts set up in outlook 2016 and all four quit working at the same time. They were able to send messages (smtp server) but were unable to contact the imap servers to receive messages In this life, you seek to find a balance where you can please yourself and your aesthetic needs while still giving of yourself. Your sense of fairness and justice is what drives you to serve others. Your karma is to avoid living a life where your main focus is being a pleaser. In a past life, you were a nurse, a chef, craftsman, technical writer Sorry we couldn't find an Excel file. Occasionally we come across situations where the client tries to open an excel file the normal way (navigating to it) but when the file is clicked Excel says 'Sorry we couldn't find xyz file' as shown below. This can be extremely frustrating as you can see it but Excel cannot When clicking on the Outlook App (2019) to get it set up with our Office365 account we hit this: Outlook: Something went wrong and Outlook couldn't set up your account. Please try again. Well, nothing worked. With Office365 we can't set up our Outlook client manually either Now we're ready to run the Active Directory schema update and and preparation. If you've already got Exchange Server running in your environment you can check the current Exchange schema version before applying the update, so that you can see what the before and after version numbers are

2016 - Office Online Server: We couldn't find the file you

Every now and then I hear complaints about Free/Busy information retrieval issues. There are a lot of reasons for such issues, but the interesting part by these issues is that accessing the shared Calendar is not a problem. Only when users set up a meeting and using the Scheduling Assistant, they suddenly see only the beloved hash marks Sometimes you can go step by step when setting up your Gmail account and for some reason, it does not seem to work. Usually you will get a notification from Google letting you know Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account name@gmail.com from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards.. Do not let this throw you off, while Outlook may be blocked, it is not because of. We've made it simpler and tidier to manage these email attachments. When you receive an email with an attachment or group of attachments—documents, pictures, music or videos—you can now save them to OneDrive in just one click.. When you click Save to OneDrive, your files are added to a new OneDrive folder called Email attachments, making them a breeze to find and share This guide will show you how to access a public folder in Outlook Web App 2016 If you're running Outlook 2010, click Yes. The plugin will automatically install in your Outlook calendar. If you're running Outlook 2013 and later, click Install. Once fully installed, click Close. Use your GoToMeeting credentials when the GoToMeeting for Outlook sign-in window launches

Outlook 2016 something went wrong and your search couldn't

Outlook downloads most email into the Inbox, which can fill up quickly. Finding what you need when you need it can become a frustrating chore, but with a few easy-to-implement sorting techniques. It's calling into the darkness, looking for voter fraud, Dunlap, a Democrat, told The Associated Press. There's no real evidence of it anywhere. Republican President Donald Trump convened the commission to investigate the 2016 presidential election after making unsubstantiated claims that between 3 million and 5 million ballots were illegally cast E-mail Follow-Up Microsoft Outlook add-in can monitor sent messages which keep being unanswered. This add-in allows you to set the period of time that the sender should wait for the reply. If the reply isn't received within the specified time the program will notify the sender

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